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Mindfulness for Pregnancy & Childbirth

8- week program

Contact us to set up an orientational chat. If you are interested, this will be followed up by a free 1 on 1 introductory meeting for you to get acquainted with us and the program. Coverage of the course may be possible depending on your insurance (up to 250,- euros per participant/500 eus per couple if you both have coverage for mindfulness or alternatively 200 euros in total if you have coverage for childbirth courses), please ask the respective teacher about this. If you have a referal for a Psychologist from your GP you may have full reimbursement for the course.

Our courses are taught (in English) in three locations: at the  Center for Mindfulness in Amsterdam (.centrumvoormindfulness.nl) on the Raadhuisstraat 15 & at Derde Kostverlorenkade 21hs, 1054TP Amsterdam (Marjorie’s living room) by Marjorie Lumet and at Midwife Practice: Geboorte in Praktijk at Westerdok 808 by Aileen Kennedy.

If you know which course you want to join please contact the teacher of the respective course: Marjorie@mindful-birthing.nl or Aileen@mindful-birthing.nl

mid-August 8-week course – Marjorie Lumet- Live!

Monday evenings from 18h30 to 21h

Dates: 17, 24, 31 August, 7, 14, 21, 28 September, 5 October
Day of practice: Sunday 20 September from 11:00‐16:00.
Plus one after birth reunion – date to be determined with participants.

Location: Centrum voor Mindfulness
Price: €550 per couple / woman+ birthing partner (€500 without birthing partner)

Note : If you have insurance for mindfulness in average 250 Eur per person or 500 Eur per couple is covered.

mid-August- 5-week course – Marjorie Lumet – Live!

Wednesday mornings from 9:30- 12h00
19, 26 August, 2, 9, 16 September
+ One after birth reunion to be determined with participants

Current Price: €350 per couple / woman+ birthing partner (€300 for single mom)

Note: Course fully covered by insurance if you have coverage for mindfulness

Session 1: Foundations of Mindfulness – Breath, Body Scan, Being with Baby
Session 2: Mindfulness & Mind/Body Connection, Pain practices focused attention
Session 3: Birth Positions, Partner Practices, Pain practices touch & movement
Session 4: Birth Preferences, Wrap up Pain practices & birth
Session 5: Needs of Post-partum Family, Baby cycles, Breastfeeding Basics

For questions or to register for a free intake contact marjorie@experiencemindfulness.nl or call 0627445196

Note : This a condensed version of the Mindfulness-Based Childbirth and Parenting program from Nancy Bardacke. If you are completely new to mindfulness and/or yoga AND are experiencing significant stress or anxiety the longer course may be a more suitable approach.

September 5-week course – Aileen Kennedy- Live!

Tuesday evenings from 19:00-21:30 at Geboorte in Praktijk, Westerdok 808, Amsterdam

September 22, 29. October 6, 13, 20.

Post-birth reunion to be decided with group

Price : 350 euros per couple, 300 euros single mom

Note: This course is a condensed, 5-week version of the 8-week course. If you are completely new to mindfulness and/or yoga AND are experiencing significant stress or anxiety the longer course may be a more suitable approach.


Price 550,- euro’s for pregnant woman and her birthing partner, 500,- euro’s if you are following the course without birthing partner

Prices includes the all day session,  coffee and tea, VAT& BTW, and the course materials (excl. the audio).