About Us

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We’re Aileen and Marjorie

We met at a Women’s Wellness Retreat a few years ago, had a click and arranged a coffee date, only shortly thereafter realizing we both had a similar passion: applying mindfulness to support women and their partners through the life-changing period that is pregnancy, childbirth and becoming a parent.

We both trained with Nancy Bardacke, creator of MBCP, have been teaching mindfulness for some years (MBSR/MBCT program) and are doulas in training. Next to that we share a French/American cultural and linguistic background and are both mothers. We each have two small girls keeping us busy and enjoy sharing our stories with each other around the pleasures & challenges of parenting.

Lots in common definitely so we decided to support one another in our journey to teaching MBCP and to embark on this adventure together.

Have a look at our bios:


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